Dear humanz,

I guess I would rather stay home and do nothing. But I’ve learned how to soften tough meat. How FLYNN? You must be smart! Yes, dummies! It’s easy.

1. Place meat stuff in pressure cooker.

2. Top over meat with preferred level of water, if soup, but, say, no higher than half the pressure cooker to avoid explosions.

3. Throw in salty flavoring and seasoning. I’d avoid adding stuff that poofs out, such as raw eggs.

4. Carefully inspect and thoroughly dry the silicone seal and metal lid and cooker.

5. Carefully and slowly place the lid onto the cooker.

6. Turn up the heat 100% and stand by to lower the heat by 50%.

7. Listen to the rocker regulator atop the pressure cooker to ensue the sound is gentle and happy, and NOT aggressive and spewing forth steamed stuff. If you see steamed stuff coming out, reduce heat to avoid explosions.

8. Cook for 10-15 minutes and feel the force of y’all need to standby for the next ten minutes, no more than 25 minutes, I reckon.

9. Turn off burner. Remove pressure cooker from heat source. Depressurize unit by opening release value, if any. Let stand until fully depressurized. Open lid slowly. Voila! Check for preferred tenderness which should be juicy.

10. Separate meat to mix with other ingredients or leave as soup stuff. Enjoy.

Hope this helps those who are under and unemployed. Y’all won’t starve if y’all know how to reboil the soup base and continue adding your favorite veggies each time.

Also, no double dipping or taste sample if y’all plan to reuse and reboil this beef neck bone or chicken soup stock.

Good luck fellow losers!


FLYNN B using Dad’s final and last harvest of peeled chayote squash as the main veggies to his meat stuff. RIP chayote squash vine!

20181116-1212. P.S. Y’all know when your meat stuff of cooked when the meat is loosely or completely separated from the bone, which y’all can suck dry for juicy calcium supplement.

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