Behold! I was cooking with butter! Stir fried ground beef (80% lean and 20% whatever) with basil leaves, tarragon, and oregano; sitaw (Filipino) or bean long (Chinese) with oyster sauce; and green and brown onions.

Earlier this morning, Dad and I went shopping for groceries. So on average and because this is ‘fresh food’ store, we expect to pay around $130 per week for a few items, such as bags of snacks, juices, meat, and other stuff – coffee.

We’re NOT finished vacuuming up the old stuff in our pantry and fridge. And that will take a few more months. Per an easy and convenient online appointment, we’re gonna donate hazardous stuff. Today we donated a vinyl record furniture made outta REAL wood, a kitchen ‘go-cart’ made outta particle wood, one lateral filing cabinet with wheels, and eight plastic containers.

Dad didn’t seem to care if I still had pillows, lines, blankets, and towels ready to donate. I guess I’m popped out in getting rid of stuff. Oh, and I couldn’t let go of my vertical plastic drawer storage with wheels. I love furniture with the wheels. It’s easy to roll out the item to vacuum underneath and behind.

Yeah, so now the rooms for living, family, sewing, and entertaining is tidier with the basic wooden furniture, except the digital electronic keyboard with is mostly plastic and metal.

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