At 10:03, I received an email regarding my Dad’s DNA results. I’m surprised and have NOT yet told him as he helps to prepare our late lunch.

Below is the Ethnicity Estimate:

  • 98% Philippines and Guam
  • 2% Middle East (Primarily located in: Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, Yemen, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Lebanon, Israel, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt)

20181121-1407. Yeah so during lunch I shared the DNA results with Dad. He asked me if I believe in the stuff and I said yes.

He doesn’t believe in the 2%, which shows a spread as far as Algeria, Ethiopia, Yemen, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, and Cyprus.

This probably might explain why I appreciate the African physiology and love Ethiopian food. I wonder if our ancestors where Muslim, though I was born and raised as a Catholic, and if Mama Mary is commonly known in these two HUGE religions.

He was more interested in the 98%, which shows a spread as far as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Timor East, Papua New Guinea and Guam.

This probably might explain Daddy’s unusual affinity for former POTUS Barack Obama, whom I also sensed some sort of spiritual familiarity.

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