While struggling to force out my hardened crap load, notice the double digit numerical values of my post title. It can’t any better than this – my daily bread.

Anyway, regarding Origin, a YouTube original series, I don’t like it’s idealism of flipping over reality in a twisted upside down world.

1. Our current POTUS DJT is mocked.

2. The heroes are the eugenics: the scientists, the geneticists, the governmental bodies.

3. Lesbians and AI interact by sharing stories, fighting for the right to knowledge and freedom of information, expressing humanized emotions, and displaying affections through hugging, holding hands, and kissing!

4. Women can make hard core decisions and fight with “guns” along side or against males, especially the handsome thin Asian guys.

5. Hostile ALIEN life-forms are NOT humanz.

6. This hellish planet is being displayed discretely are a spherical ball and NOT as a flat earth.

7. The space suit makes a great shield against a vacuum and other radiation.

8. Humanz still are imperfect and make mistakes and unwise decisions.

That’s about it. It’s 1123 and I’m still struggling to pass the bulk of my over eating.

20171123-0738-addendum. There are lots of unnecessary expressions of disbelief and frustration by using the letter FF-Bomb.

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