Dear diary,

While Dad has kindly ironed my laundry, I’ve moved back my laptop to my main executive desk. My laptop is upon a recycled wooden crate, which narrowed the workable space on the left side of the desk.

Earlier this mid-afternoon, I had a cleaning rampage. Usually, I don’t talk while working. This preserves my energy as I think quietly on how to best re-arrange Dad’s cluttered backyard junk.

After lunch today, I couldn’t stand the sight of dusty windows and its screen! I had to be careful NOT to hose down the resident spiders. I relocated one spider into the grass, which is a natural hiding spot for them.

So I hosed down all three windows and its screen – side street or northwest window, two south windows and the southern backyard sliding door, which is no longer jammed or stuck after wiping down the bottom track.

That activity of hosing down the cement slabs (normally where a wooden deck would come from the house) and wiping down the windows, screen, and sliding door was probably a good hour or so.

And I got a little sprinkle of rain while tossing the dried flowers that Das Squirrel and his co-worker placed on Mom’s grave during Veteran’s Day. (She served in the Army reserve, of course.)

While I showered to remove greasy black stains from the iron grills upon my arms, I soaked the dirtied and greasy white hand towels in a bucket of Tide laundry powder.

Then, I drained first bucket in the garage sink and rinsed the towel for its second soaking, probably overnight. And then I might toss those in the washing machine for the third run.

See? Me smart! Besides that activity, Dad and I cooked and ate the turkey carcass soup stock. I boiled and separated the bag of frozen veggie – peas and carrots (not to be confused with POTUS turkey pardon).

Dad helped to chop up ALL turkey bit for marinated overnight. We wanted to make turkey adobo – vinegar, salt, peppercorn, bayleaf, oyster sauce (which I substituted in place of soy sauce so I can get rid of that old bottle) and the almighty pure cane sugar!

Dad said the adobo version will better preserve or make the turkey last longer for eating in the upcoming week. He said the vinegar helps to preserve the foodstuff. He doesn’t like to freeze stuff or clutter the fridge either.

So now we’re gonna eat. Dad vacuumed the bags of snacks in under a week. He must be hungry or simply doesn’t know that snacks is NOT a meal or is enjoying the comfort food while grieving in silence.

Now I’ll have to go grocery shopping. I don’t like going grocery shopping during the weekends. There are too many people. I do NOT like crowds. I want the stores to myself so I can quickly shop and quickly exit.


Flynn B preparing dinner tonight – microwaved leftovers!

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