Dear diary,

Yesterday I sent team Happiness Engineers my complaints about WordPress app for iPhone and emailed them my cellphone model number, the version of the app, and screenshots. My true agent name might have been attached. So we’ll see what happens to them. Remember I have “bad luck” if my identity is compromised.

Anyway, I’m jiggling on this whole body vibrating machine after increasing the indoor thermostat from 76 to 78 degrees F due to the parakeets fluffing up their feathers.

The above paragraph has been done after mixing up the ingredients and placing the greased baking pan for the corn bread mix from a box. The baking time is 30-40 minutes.

I don’t bake from scratch. But I discovered that cooking adobo from scratch is better than using powdered mix. The turkey adobo tasted really delicious. That should last us another six days.

Before the above paragraph. I was listening to remixed music on YouTube while looking over my designs for my parents’ monument and ledger – both of which won’t be installed until springtime when the soil isn’t muddy or wet.

I had to streamline the original designs, which were more cluttered and confusing. I’ve decided to “keep it simple”.

For the front side of the double monument, I’ve combined two templates that will hold three panels for lettering: top center for the last name and two bottom sides for three lines: the first and middle names, birth date, and death date; and one panel for the marriage date at the bottom center.

For the back side of the double monument, I’ve pulled teo template. Their emblems will be between either MOM (on the left column) or DAD (on the right column) above and their career description below. In the middle column, the children’s names will appear between two VERY brief messages above and below. I’m not sure about including a middle emblem, but I needed a crucifix somewhere to designate the symbolic affiliation.

For the two ledgers, Dad (to the right of Mom) will get a Jesus head design. Mom (to the left of Dad) will get a Mary head design. Both head designs are encircled and in the center of the ledgers. These serve as anchors to my simple messages above and below each head designs.

There is an charge extra for each characters! I wanted the LONG prayers but that’s too much money! The designs and wordings are VERY generic as I strived to keep both balanced to the number of lines, the sequence of stacking in columns, and other typos and conventions.

Overall, I’m pleased with this memorial. After all, it’s worth every penny – their hard work. And though the price tag will be another hit on the account and in the thousands, I cannot leave them to be forgotten.

Yeah, it’s 20181126-0010 and there’s another five minutes of baking time. When I open the oven, I’ll let the extra heat warm the first floor for the parakeets and me. I’ve been feeling cooler lately.


Flynn B wearing her CPAP due to Dad’s report that I’ve been snoring loudly. I noticed that my breathing has been shallow and my heart rate has been dropping below 68. So whatever happen, see y’all on the other side, suckers!

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