Dear diary,

I’ve received two separate emails for potential job gigs that no one wants. And I recollect overhearing the other day: Trump was at two Mississippi rallies in which he said that jobs that no one wants.

One job is vacant due to a vacation lasting until January. The other job is vacant due to someone left. So whatever is going on – no one wants these jobs because they are messed up or at least NOT standardized.

So I’m sitting here and intercepting the emails, emailing my resumes, and answering the phones from these head hunters who need jobs and I guess – tag – I’m it as far as cross-training them.

But I could tell that I’m NOT really interested, though they can’t seem to match my background with the needs of their clients. I can feel or sense that they have no way of knowing what I want or need.

I guess the Lawd Gawd has other plans for me and I don’t want anything to do with singing gigs that do NOT pay me squat! I don’t thrive on earning nothing for something. That’s a stupid reversal in my reality while stuck on this hellish planet!

If y’all really wanted me to do something for myself, y’all are gonna have to create the scenario that favors what I want and can do – not what y’all have in your ego heads. So many years went by and still there’s nothing. How long?

I can’t keep up and if I pray really hard, then maybe I don’t have to wear my eyeglasses and hear aides. Do y’all hear what I’m saying? Praying only works for those who believe it does work. Sorry but that’s what I’ve observed.


Flynn B eating HOT steamed rice, butter and garlic salt, too. Yum. Starving.

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  1. God may not have plans for you; but what plan do you have for yourself…


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