Dear Lawd Gawd,

I’ve sinned again! I couldn’t resist! It’s futile! Yesterday I received an email reminder and took advantage of the stuff about one-half hour ago.

I tried the new Juniper Latte and it tasted good. I tried and shared with my daddy, one of the two pack of The Classic Bantam Bagel filled with cream cheese. The bite size is worth the sharing.

I think I better be nicer to Dad Squirrel as he still isn’t forgiving if I mess with his emotions, err, connection with his mommy dearest and ancestor.

I told my daddy the other day if it were not for Das Squirrel, I would have donated all the stuff. But I’m being held hostage to stabilize the emotions of these twosome.

He called and greeting me this morning, claimed that he is coughing and his Twit Wifey for one week, and I told him the old guy will be stranded for three hours if he carpools with me earlier tonight.

So yeah, happy day with lots of anchors dragging my sentiments to the bottom of the ocean beds where the locker awaits all of us.


Flynn B and her stubborn humanz.

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  1. I, too, get all these same kinds of various “offers” in email. Ugh. I love the DELETE button. Hehehe. We have boycotted Starbucks, and did so long before our favorite surfer ever mentioned it. The company logo was enough to tell us what they represent, plus I have read about the nannites having been put in Starbucks coffee. Our local restaurants are the locally owned one of a kind, and the food is delish. The only chain biz that we still do on occasion is Olive Garden, and the rest being the local owned places. It took about 3 years of bad stories before my hubby would stop doing Subway. We already have to deal with nano stuff from the chemtrails, which we have the magnets I wear every day while sleeping and the other anti-nano stuff to keep that crap at bay.


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