Qanon November 27 – Be Vigilant in December, prayingmedic, Published on Nov 27, 2018

Honestly, I do NOT follow this stuff and outta curiosity I’ve been viewing these YouTube videos, which might help me understand WTF is going on with this stuff. Once again, do NOT rely on my blogging words. I’m LIVE streaming my thoughts and thusly so sharing whatever coming into my small mind.

So I see “WE, THE PEOPLE”. Yeah, there is a certain ‘set’ of people that have control over a government. At the 09:07 mark, Patriots United. Yeah, right. Looks like pat-riots unit-ed. Next, I would imagine to release the doc (Woof woof woof) AFTER their testimonies. This will ensure that the ‘spiritual test’ is passed by those who are nice and is failed by those who are naughty. To release these documents PRIOR to their testimonies will allow the liars to lie some more. That’s all.

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