Why Controversial Dead Sea Scrolls Have Been Hidden From Sight, uwantsun, Published on Dec 1, 2018.

First, I do NOT like the accent.

Second, I’d like a current and good interpretative translation of these Dead Sea Scrolls in my current Americanized English understanding; so that I might be able to offer my incoming thoughts.

I have had inspirational incoming thoughts while reading the Readings and Gospels of my daily companion subscription during noontime masses.

But in the back of my thick skull, err, small mind, and in constant reference to your old blog way back regarding the images showing a bunch of humanz posing during the creation and erection of Stone Henge, I’m lead to believe anyone can plant stories by ancient bloggers inside jars, which were found in caves and are many years old.

13:00 I am designing the upright double companion monument of my parents to include either the Saddle (or Serp or Serpentine) top or maybe this strange Qumaran shape. Hmm.

14:34 There are inkwells for the penning of the Dead Sea scrolls. Once again, I must have these non-Biblical scrolls fully and thoughtfully translated so that I might be able to ‘feel’ the messages and blog about it. Hmm.

16:30 It says there are multiple copies. These “Dead Sea Squirrels” were the closed captioning at the 17:00 mark! Hilarious and co-incidental! So did squirrels have anything to do with squirreling away these Dead Sea scrolls?

18:18 So if Jesus spoke both Greek and Hebrew – was Jesus as handsome as the Greek antiquity statues? He!

19:36 It is listing the number of manuscripts of each books.

24:24 The Book of Esther has: absence of god’s name; problem of intermarriage with foreigner; introduces the Feast of Purim, a late Jewish festival; Esther was excluded at Qumran; no evidence of stuff.

27:51 Our current Bible is supposed to be 1,250 older than Hebrew test and is based on Masoretic text. Leningrad Codex (11 Chronicles) is only kept in Russia. Aleppo Codex is a more accurate but missing parts of the Bible.

30:00 He worked on the great Isiah scrolls, which is the most famous of the Dead Sea scrolls.

31:41 John C. Trevor took color high resolution photos of the the Isiah scrolls, which were digitized. Most scrolls are NOT in pristine conditions.

33:30 He is posed on the right. There are two others holding up the photograph of the Great Isiah scroll horizontally.

37:41 The Dead Sea scrolls confirm that your current Bible is 99% accurate.

39:16 Outta of the suffering of his soul he will see light, and find satisfaction. Good Friday must be redone, period. http://www.deadseascrolls.org

40:28 These are Jewish, NOT Christin, scrolls.

43:00 Broken stairs leading into pool due to earthquake. Baptisms for the forgiveness of sins.

44:46 Gravesite shows people were buried facing east for resurrection.

46:00 Jews have book of rules, like monasteries.
46:59 lunar days of 28, which is practiced by Babylon; solar days of 30, which is the true calendar and practiced by Jews.

48:32 A wicked priest visited during Yom Kippur. The Copper Scroll impacted understanding of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which is essential for use of OT and NT.

50:13 Popularity of Deuteronomy scrolls: keyword is covenant.
51:19 Popularity of Isiah scrolls: keyword is Messiah.
51:50 Popularity of Psalms scrolls: keywords of Daniel (Messiah and prayer).

53:18 Announcing the Way of the Lord. 20181203-0338-incoming thought – make a long and strong runway in the dessert for the incoming landing(s).

55:00 Psalm 22:17 (KJV) 10 Does have surrounded me; a pack of evil ones close in on me. They have pierced my hands and feet. Dogs surround me; a pack of evil ones closes in on me, like a lion are my hands and feet.

56:52 The Psalms scroll from Hahal Hever Ps22:17 (English verse 16) (NIV) Dogs have surrounded me; a band of evil men has encircled me, they have pierced my hands and my feet.

57:35 A Messianic sons of God – Luke 1:32-35 The Angel Announced to Mary

58:13 4Q246 in English – He will be called the Son of God, they will call him the son of the Most High.

58:56 Luke 4:16-21 to bring good news to the poor; release captives, de-blinded humanz, free oppressed.

59: 46 The Messianic Apocalypse 4Q521 – Jesus said that His Messiah will: set captives free; open blind eyes; raise up oppressed.

1:01:17 Jews never mentioned dead bodies being raised up. Luke 7:22-23 – blind, lame, dead, poor. Resurrection is NOT found in 1st Century stuff

1:02 4Q521 – heal wounded; revive dead (meaning medical resuscitation); raise up humanz.

1:03 Romans 3:20, 28; Galatians 3:10 – based on the “works of the law”.

1:04 Exodus 34:6*-7 steadfast love (chesed)

1:05 4QMMT C Lines 26-32 – Some of the works of the law – 364-day solar calendar; 24 religious laws or Halakhot; separation of disagree.

1:05 Paul is NOT condemning Judaism.

1:06 The Battle of Armageddon – Arm Age “D” Don – Remember your mission.

1:07 The War Scroll between the Sons of LIght and the Forces of Darkness.

The two sides of tied at three rounds each.

The Final Battle

The Battle Tower or Watch Tower – they waited for the angels of heaven to join them against the forces of darkness. They never came and perished. Huh!


Oh, sheesh. I still think the stuff can be flipped instantaneously to alter events and history.

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