11 year old SHOT DEAD by cops, Kenn Daily, Published on Dec 6, 2018

Okay, first the boy is wearing what looks like an Americanized red t-shirt reading Columbia. He’s speaking in Russia and is probably a Muslim – radicalized.

That’s the problem with organized religion – especially with Islam and any cultural Marxism, feminism, or any belief -isms.

But the main problem is each soul – as individuals we don’t get it and until later on or too late we as a whole group – get/understand it.

So who is correct? Adults killing a child who doesn’t get it – that ‘thou shalt NOT kill’ or children threatening and then ACTING to kill anyone, who stands in the way of their Allah?

Wow! My big brain hurts as my small mind can NOT encompass the moral stuff. 20181207-1921-incoming thought indicated that children should NOT have to die needlessly for radical ideas as to wars, especially WWII, where many perished by the likes of GHWB and other pals.

But because they are capable of acting out their threat – they must die because they don’t care to loose their lives. Wow! This sounds like any military personnel who are forced, err, ordered, err, dedicated to serve.


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