Dear diary,

I’m still awake and trying to wind down with a HUGE cup of CAFFEINATED coffee, after coming home around 2300. Dad had warmed up my LATE dinner – bless him.

Anyway, I’m still browsing online for memorial designs – upright monuments, ledgers, and maybe a bench. Lo and behold, I see that the VETERANS MEMORIALS are freaking more beautiful that the standard consumer styles, such as the ogee or serpentine (or serp) or saddle top.

OMG! There are laser etchings of letterings and images. The these memorials seem to have NOT only stories but a life in meaningful ways. The balance of colors and placements of designs are really eye-cathcing. There are lots of stories to read on these stones!

When I wanted a tattoo, I was really interested in the design and color and shape and flow. I didn’t care for the weight of anything spiritual. Likewise when designing a monument, there’s lots of room! And so I’m overwhelmed as my task will probably be simple.

OMG! I love these structures. OMG! I’m getting good ideas on what elements to include in our monuments. I was thinking of keeping everything simple and standardized. I see serp and then peon tops. But then I wanted a rooftop to give the tops a feel of ‘home’ and water run-off.

I still like floral and religious symbols. But I prefer these medallion look of these military branches. I don’t know why any government can be easily criticized for war stuff when I see beautiful tributes. I think y’all got problems.

Yeah, so I guess I like to stare at stuff, study the stuff, and wonder how TF they come up with the arrangements and whatnots.

20181211-0230-addendum thoughts. For the past few weeks, I went from upright monuments, to benches, and then to veterans and civic memorials. I haven’t gotten any ideas on the grave marker ledgers, though I’ve submitted my designs several times. And now I’m gonna change my designs all over again!


Flynn B spiked up with coffee! Woo!

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