Behold! On Friday, I have entered my VERY first non-binary location for depositing my bio-waste material! The place was VERY clean and tidy. I have no complaints.

As a matter of fact, during today’s Sunday morning mass, our local pastor was wearing a pink cassock! The color was VERY pleasing to my eyeballs. As he was talking and blessing Filipinos in the vestibule, Dad and I shook his hand. I said Happy Sunday and said aloud to Dad, “Hey, I like that pink cassock!”

His sermon was VERY good as he reminded us to have hope in the resurrection but also to give reverence to the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. He mentioned NOT to grab the Eucharist and to bow in reverence after received both the Body and Blood.

With that said, I do NOT think that my faith is lost. I believe the pink is the new color! That’s symbolic! So away with the orange and orenge and bring in the pinkish agenda. I guess I cannot condemn the LGBTQAEIOU as these ‘souls’ seem to suffer in silence among the ‘normals’.

Why Flynn? Are you being evil, also? You are NOT supposed to be nice to freaks. Now, now, my foolish minions! I can see that these insufferable ‘abnormals’ have existed for a long time and there is nothing that can stop them from existing.

I can tell they are NOT being straight because of their handshakes. I’ve already shaken hands with two freaks who are Filipino men. I can tell because their grip is fruity! I feel violated! Brouhaha! Anyway, I cannot tell if they are freaks because they look and act ‘normal’.

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