First, greetings Assanel!

“I’ve been able to see both classes since I was quite young. And my salvation and baptism at 16 made it only more so. Along with the discrimination to know the holy, good, and true from the damned and deceptive.”

Yeah, yeah! I’ve followed your stuff ‘way back’ and maybe the thick guy and his buck teeth finder from many slong years ago might have known my incoming thoughts. That’s why you are my favorite blogger. You’ve got stuff to share with humanity. I believe in you. I believe in God. So be it.

“Angels are not to be worshiped.”

Okay, I understand.

(But today, a Filipino deacon shared in this Sunday morning’s mass that Mama Mary is an intermediary since she was the mother of Jesus who was human divined. So, I’m wondering if this Catholic faith is trying to distract us away from Jesus Christ as being the way towards God. My words fail me.)

“Some people cannot see them… They are not meant to see them…”

Yup, that’s why each soul has its own pace in understanding this stuff.

“He calls you to glory and you, with your freewill, can either accept the sacrifice of Yeshua or reject it out of hand.”

Alas, Das Squirrel has chosen to become atheist (once again, a strange word which I cannot spell correctly) along with his agnostic (once again, a strange word which I cannot spell correctly) Twit Wifey.

20181223-221113. “Stars are Angels” Hmm. I’m reflecting. They seem to stay still in their places. That’s a VERY long time!

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