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The new default WordPress theme Twenty Nineteen was released on, and The Blog had a post about it called: New Theme: Twenty Nineteen. I am glad that there is finally another default theme again but currently I am disappointed in the Twenty Nineteen theme, it is too minimalistic, less flexible, less colorful, […]

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Well, you can upgrade your blog and customize your theme via CSS stylesheets, which I’ve NOT used since they upgraded the layout of Dashboard.

I’m currently using the theme, which does look VERY minimal though with HUGE fonts and spacing.

I’m now viewing my recent blog via my smartphone and the weblog page loaded somewhat slowly.

I prefer the fonts and spacing via my purchased theme instead of this new 2019 WordPress theme.

I might revert to my purchased theme later on.

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  1. Hello Flynn,

    Yeah, besides not having the programming knowledge for that at this time, I am still being a cheapskate; but if there is a chance that I can make some profit through the WordAds program by upgrading to a paid account with a custom domain then I might try it. 😉

    I see, I was surprised by that, but I do like it when we try different themes each year at least. 😉

    I was wondering how page speeds are with this theme.

    Twenty Nineteen has spacing problems (inconsistent and too much spacing) in some areas among several other bugs and issues and annoyances, I have reported most that I have found so far, and amazingly they have submitted most of my issues to Github:

    I am not sure if they will fix most of the issues though, I doubt that they will fix some of the annoyances though, like overly large post / page / widget titles et cetera.

    -John Jr


    • It is probably highly unlikely that your issues will change the already publicized theme. That’s why is you can – upgrade your blog and then try customizing your theme. Otherwise, have a happy hunting for themes!

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      • Hello Flynn,

        Any bit helps, but you are probably correct about the main parts of it.

        Thank you for the suggestion, maybe one day I will finally give in, and upgrade to a paid account. 😀

        My current fallback themes are Independent Publisher 2 and Baskerville 2.

        -John Jr


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