BREAKING NEWS TRUMP 12/22/18 – Witches Claim Trump Using The Phrase ‘Witch Hunt’ Fox News Live Now, Published on Dec 22, 2018

Yeah, the host is good at interviewing and asking question. Likewise, the witch is also good at presenting his opinions.

So I meant to share that when Trump uses ‘witch hunt’ and the witch didn’t take offense and make a big deal like most other SJW, I was thinking that anytime something is broadcast into the public wind, err, airwaves – it’s all about trolling, like triggering blackish humanz to feel like they are slaves.

Anyway, in other words, Trump is trying to trigger our slow thinking to become more open minded – are witches ‘really’ bad and should we lynch, err, persecute, err, condemn witches, err, conservatives who are openly critical of liberals?

Oh, well, my words fail me again. But yeah, I hear the content which spews forth from the mouth of that witch and I’m not offended by that content with is a reflection of his character.

And he still celebrates Christmas with his family. Okay, that’s nice. So I’m NOT understanding if each soul who wishes to imagine self-godhood, much like the agenda behind GOD OF WAR 4, a gamers adventure, is bad or evil for disavowing God or whatever.

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