Happy Hexed Mass!

FYI only, I’ve experienced three more paranormal stuff – two yesterday and one this morning.

En route 15 minutes early prior to the 2315 choir service, my daddy and I were driving almost past the front of the church. There was a lamp post to the right (if facing the front of the church double-doors to the newly built vestibule) that suddenly blinked out with a slow dimness!

En route homebound after leaving the church parking lot on or about 0100, my daddy and I were driving down MY long stretch of road. There was a streetlight to the right that suddenly blinked out with a slow dimness!

I don’t know exactly the time of arrival homebound but I would guess the time was on or about 0130. I slowly made my way to unload my red long coat, black scarf hat, two key sets, and other stuff such as my handbag of personal stuff and the other shopping bag of two choir robes, two iPads with the sheet musics, and small gifts.

Lo and behold, and while I had my smartphone in one hand (which is usually the left hand) and while I was using the toilet to relieve myself, I had an incoming thought of eating my post-midnight Xmas snack, which was steamed white rice (now cooled at room temperature) and TWO boiled eggs. Upon my incoming thought, I had a single LONG and loud tone that was short.

I placed my finger inside my right earhole (where the incoming tone was experienced) to clear whatever transmitted its displeasure unto moi. I assumed that my mommy dearest was communicating unto moi about coming home late with my daddy. And I transmitted a thought back to my mommy that I was going to eat my post-midnight snack with or without Dad, who finally decided to eat his TWO boiled eggs and steamed rice.

I kept talking aloud, assuming my mommy dearest wanted to make sure we were fine. Subjects discussed aloud were the various times scheduled for today’s Hexed Masses, Das Squirrel being too sick and NOT able to attend mass services or expose himself to humanz, and my plan to buy more eggs after Hex Mass today for symbolic good luck during our New Years post-midnight snack of steamed white rice and boiled eggs.

Yeah, so I do NOT have witnesses and do NOT have audio or video evidence. But since my daddy doesn’t care to help observe the two blinked out street lights, I only have my weblog as ‘proof’. Take it or leave it. I believe my ALIEN implant is still alive and well and those damn magnetic sun burst disks do NOT seem to help and disable whatever allows for my ability to disable streetlights.

I think my big brain is really transmitting some weird stuff and some streetlights get affected as a result of my presence. I noticed too that when I’m pissed off during ANY hexed masses, I would send my energy all about the innards of the place of worship and I’ve observed that these humanz would fidget in their seat and/or let out successive coughing SPELLS.

Yup. Do NOT doubt unto moi as Evil Kitty is still NOT certain as to how such stuff is possible. Until then, the good Flynn wishes y’all a VERY merry Hexed Mass.


Flynn B wonders WTF is going on with this hellish planet.

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