Heading block has HUGE, bold fonts!

This paragraph block looks normal and has smaller fonts here.

  • When I pressed the ‘return’ button to my iPad, I can either continue writing the next Paragraph or add a new Block!
  • For this exercise, I choose to Add a List Block.

Eternal rest grant unto y’all, O Lawd Gawd, and let perpetual light shine upon y’all! May y’all Rest In Peace! Amen!

20181230-1529. Okay, I wanna to try the new ‘block’ feature via the WordPress app for iOS and for some strange reason, this feature does NOT appear for the macOS! So I’ll complete my experimental task and say that I had a difficult time Adding a new Block – the work around is to simple press the ‘Return’ key. But that function does NOT work for quotes to edit this crap – one must go to the HTML code mode (a rhyme which is mine and copyrighted, too! The same goes for the list (un/ordered) – one can NOT simply press the Return button and expect the NEXT line to clear the previous ‘block’ feature.

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  1. Oh, I HATE this block feature. They upgraded Rob’s site’s wordpress software, and we can’t even post HTML like before. They RUINED it. The same old “If it ain’t broke, fix it until it is”. And it’s BROKE. He is going to have to contact Go Daddy to get it downgraded so we can post again. It’s all about ruining our businesses from every direction possible.

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