Dear Lawd Gawd,

Please kill me now! I’ve sinned during this morning’s choir mass. My fingers skidded off the electric digital keyboard and I made several goofs! Mercifully, the swollen, gout-ladened church choir conductor DRASTICALLY slowed down the tempo for my sake! I felt as if I was punching the life outta those darn hard plastic keys! It’s NOT the same as a nice wooden piano.

Second, I ask for your forgiveness. Obviously you have other plans unto moi and for that I should be grateful, too. I am thankful for the opportunity to play for the Lawd Gawd, accompany the main choir as very relaxing post-Xmas pace, and hurt the ears of the faithful – the volume was full blast and too loud. Brouhaha! I didn’t know. That’s what y’all get for allowing us volunteers to mess up your experiences.

I hope you give any and all opportunities to the professionals who have studied and perfected their craft in musicianship. But, no! Y’all cannot afford to pay a few tithe to these starving, err, talented music professionals. As a backup, I’m offended, because I want perfection.

Oh, and I do have a tendency to trigger the swollen one. She wanted me to play the fast stuff and I was nervous and I barely punched the lights outta the notes and I probably messed up the choir, who sounded well-blended. I’m surprised a few new faces showed up. I guess my fellow trolls wanted to see WTF is gonna mess us up.

Anyway, we were invited last night to eat dinner and then changed to lunch today ata Korean restaurant as a 2018 get together. The nice person was kind enough to allow us to eat at her expense. Her hug was more sincere now. I could only send forth positive thoughts.

Oh, oh! And yesterday or was it the day before and around 16:00, I saw Respondent jiggling her persimmon fruits loose from the leafless branches via a long fruit-catching pole. My nerves were relaxed as I tried to tell the dominions and principles to allow our local squirrels the opportunity to eat of her freshly harvested fruits.

As I peered through the slightly closed vertical blinds to our back sliding door and horizontal blinds to our back kitchen window, I suddenly recalled the the Daily Messenger’s prayer: “Put on the Whole Armor of Yahua for Casting out demons”. I had said the prayer TWICE under my breath while Dad ate his late lunch and while he was commenting during a YouTube video via my 12.9″ iPad Pro.

I had said the prayer twice and slowly pronounced the blessed Names. After the second “blow”, Respondent stopped her activities. Now I recall (20181230-1519). The day was on a Saturday afternoon – the day when her demonic activities seem to increase. Isn’t that a Hebrew time of the week for rest and relaxtion, err, the weekly Sabbath? Yeah, that’s my report to TPTB, ET phone home, and pals.

And so today was foggy, freezing cold! But during the mid-morning through this mid-afternoon – there is crispy clear blue skies and NOT one fluffy puffy clouds of white. The winds were stead since yesterday. And on Wednesday through Saturday, the winds blew VERY strong.

I had kept silent throughout the Wednesday noontime mass because of this VERY relaxed state of mind and body – and this was during the VERY strong wind – ideal for hosing the windows, doors, and outside walls to the house. The bald pastor blubbered on his sermon about praising – meaning I wasn’t loud or participating. But I sang one loud Our Father on Thursday and he perked up, meaning he prayed solemnly.

Yeah, so now Dad and I have left over Korean beef. The nice lady wore her pink outfit and took our photo. I get it’s gonna be an okay existence until either Dad or I short circuits – whoever goes first.


Flynn B full of food and post-accompaniment shaking nerves. It was the third time to do a ‘live’ performance – twice with the CFC singing group and probably the first and last time with the main choir, though I think I can NOT escape now that I might serve as a backup! Me smart!

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