Dear diary,

I actually do NOT care about that Twit Wifey and that Das Squirrel, who called midnight to greet us and then said that he would come over tonight or whenever and never did. Dad hollered over the phone to bring some food because we don’t have any and are trying to save for our funeral and burial. Then on or about 1835, I received a text message of the twosome smiling. Fruck off.

On or about, 0903 Marianne’s Mom, who is probably 1/4 Chinese, called to greet us HNY. In her usual fashion, she asks normal questions, which are nosey, such as are you eating breakfast (I lied and said, Yes); did you eat egg and bread (I lied and said, Yes); is your Dad okay (I liked and said, He’s okay); so is it just you and Dad (I told her, No, we have parakeets, too); did you celebrate Christmas and New Years (I liked and said, Yes, we did and ate out with the twosome on both days). She then said that the cousins’ Xmas party was celebrate up in Foster City, CA where my cousin Chill lives with her boyfriend for many years. She’s still single like me. And Marianne’s Mom said that Joylene is gonna have her third child – just so I know. Then she said that as a mother, she cannot say no to Marianne, who needs a babysitter and that being a babysitter is tough because she cannot take her eyes off the child who might get hurt and go to the emergency.

Y’all see, these ingrates don’t care. If Marianne and Marcelo are wealthy, they could have hired a babysitter and easily attended a party by a now deceased relative. But she uses her elderly parents. So to all of them, I bid off to Sheol.

Flynn B keeping tabs on you liars. I tried to share my joy in accompanying our local church choir with the twosome during the Korean lunch but the atheists who sat directly in front of me didn’t seem to care and looked down and the agnostic looked away, too. So when I see their happy faces on this text message, I am NO thrilled. I don’t care. I hope POTUS builds that damn wall so these ungrateful ASIAN immigrants do NOT bring their anti-Christian influences upon MAGA.

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