2019–A Year of Fatness by Janis Ray, Published on Dec 31, 2018

Yeah, whatever! I’m into the 2 minutes mark of the video.

I was ranting to myself and mostly inside my mind and towards the swollen, gout-filled church choir leader, who keeps sending us these stupid emails. I really don’t care to read all that detail. Maybe, in her FAT mind, she put that ‘conductor’ stuff way in and over her FAT head.

Anyway, last night during the choir rehearsal, I stormed, err, walked into the church hall and headed straight into the back area where the elderly ladies were distributing the music scores – three books, which I bought and paid for two hours earlier – online and for an extra five bucks for the convenience of paying with a credit card.

I then stormed back to my seat and I sat quietly and didn’t greet her but barely smiled at her as she removed her jacket – to save my seat. She continued talking to another on her left. I busied myself digging for my pencil and relaxing because I was resentful – I didn’t want to be near her or these humanz.

She only said – I’ll be in Michigan in the beginning and then in the end I’ll see you Thursday night, of which I said, I guess. I told y’all I can turn off on those that have irked unto moi.

Now I’m into the 4 minute mark about the ‘crown’ which I visualized as putting on DAILY and symbolically as my painfully tight headband wire with deep teeth that would dig into my thick scalp.

As for the abundance part on the 7 minutes mark, I recall buying a Solomon key necklace trinket with inscriptions on front and back and with wax inside this pewter-like metal. I donated all my New Aged purchases to Goodwill and maybe they will have the abundance that I wanted and invested and ended up bankrupt – TWICE – in my lifetime. Phooey!

So I’m here to rant about my personal experiences. The abundance is strangely the give and take, meaning I give my service for FREE but I freaking hate what I’m up against and resent everything, every step of the way. I wanna be positive but I’m NOT hoping for anything.

If anything is gonna happen, it hasn’t happened forty years! I’ve only worked ten years in my lifetime! DO — YOU — UNDERSTAND? I have nothing but these damn computers that do NOT work without my daddy’s SERVICE to the nation.

I like how these humanz are positive. I walked that path and didn’t feel a damn thing. I tried to share that positive crap. But I didn’t feel a damn thing. I sacrificed. But everything fell away like memories. So when our family memorial is completed, I’m ready to be buried. I don’t care.

Amen. That’s all for my prayers. I’ve lived a good life. I’m ready to sleep. Good luck!

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  1. One of my sisters, half from my father’s side.


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