Y’all are dumbing down humanz with your chemicals! I thought y’all ‘smart’ enough to develop something useful for the humanz!

Anyway, en route to visiting my mommy, I ranted to my daddy aloud about an incoming thought. He was yakking about the Philippines and I wasn’t listening. But in my mind, I created a Magic Bin!

The Magic Bin is developed for free and distributed all over the neighborhood for free. (But certain cartels are greedy and don’t want anything for free.)

The Magic Bin glows radiation, unfortunately. It’s an advanced machine from and by ET phone home, TPTB, and pals. So only a trusted keeper can operate this stuff.

The device replaces the current garbage and recycling industry! That’s correct! All your unwanted junk can be atomized and returned to its elemental values. No need for landfills or pollution. It’s clean and efficient.

But no. The cartels would rather continue the cycle of destructions, instead of reinvesting their ill-gotten wealth to helpful endeavors. That’s too unfortunate. My daddy said that my idea is a big cremation machine. I know. Exactly.

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