Since I’ve overeaten lunch, took a mid-afternoon power nap, didn’t have space for dinner, ate a midnight snack of eggs and rice, and now digesting, I can only troll, err, watch YouTube videos.

This YouTube video appeared on my Recommended list, which includes recent stuff by that Cue Anonymous and other clone-related stories. At least, it’s nice to know that he’s okay. And I agree with Madam Mews: JJJR is handsome.

See? These are nice stories – good for publishing and later archiving for future generations to wonder. So once again, as I mentioned in my recent blogs, be NOT afraid, if y’all must disclose confidential stuff.

Frankly and based on my personal field observations, no one would seem to give a damn and do NOT seem to care about the ‘truth’, because they got their own problems and distractions. Yup.

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  1. I have seen these various videos about that for the last two weeks. Wouldn’t that be awesome! I would love to see Trump/Kennedy 2020!

    There was a Christmas movie that came out that had MANY references to JFK JR and other spiritual references. The Christmas Chronicles starring Kurt Russel (a huge Trump supporter, btw)

    Came out the 22nd
    ( the day JFK was assassinated)
    3 people in the sleigh
    “Hold onto your sister”
    Tiffany and Co store with bright tiffany blue color.
    JFJ Jr.’s ashes where in a tiffany blue box
    Fake news
    The plane almost killed us (line from the movie) The sleigh turned into a small plane before it crashed.
    Jailhouse song, listen to the lyrics
    “Yeah, I’m back!”
    Toy Sack, how deep does it go? The rabbit hole.
    Wait ’til you see what happens next.
    “That’s my cue “Q” line.

    Spiritual references…
    True Believers, the huge library hall of records and videos. Hmmmm, sounds like the Akashic Records.
    Most telling part True Believers written in the book. Ahem! (Book of Life?)
    Baptism by fire. Hmmm…

    Fake News, send Troops, the camera, the knife, son missing his father, the time tunnel (portal), the car, the pet name katy cat (cute )

    “He has 2 kids and a wife and he sacrificed it all for some strangers” (Line in the movie)

    A real Christmas parade with hints on the santa sleigh. The dog with the fedora (JFK always wore a fedora), and JFK JR always took his dog with him, and the Tiffany blue present. I’ll have to find that video link and post it to you.

    Whether it’s true or not, I would love to see a “resurrection” like this. I guess we’ll find out one way or another. Always did love the Kennedys, and at age six when JFK the president died, I remember feeling so sad about it, at even a young age, even though I didn’t know what a president was at that time. Then RFK (Bobby Kennedy), and then JFK JR back in 1999. Also liked Trump a whole lot back in the early 90s, and even then there was something about him. RFK JR is in our private Basecamp anti-vax alliance group.

    Also many youtube videos about those secret envelopes and HW was executed. Found a link to indictment in the comments of one of them.

    Interesting stuff for sure.


    • Ah, yes! I’ve encountered long-read pieces of papers from many slong years ago that contained funny blurry images, different font types and sizes, and various unclear photocopies that do NOT appear normally in ‘real’ Court documents.


  2. I have wondered the validity of that document too.

    Here is the video of the sactual parade. The dog with the fedora, the tiffany blue box, and the Marching Storm band,(a storm is coming) and other stuff I mentioned.

    And the Vincent Fusca guy. Supposed to be JFK JR in disguise according to the many youtube videos. He is at many Trump rallies and there is a video of Trump saying something about having his magic wand and pointing to Fusca in another video.

    I have no idea the validity of any of this, but interesting all the same. A lot of things going on behind the scenes apparently.


    • And the trailer to the movie mentioning hold on to your sister and fake news line.

      Type above is supposed to actual, instead of sactual. Auto-correcting trolls.


      • And Santa Clause doesn’t say: HO, HO, HO because it’s “fake news”.

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        • Yeah, that fake news referenced was hilarious! The part about the huge pencil, I will need to go find that particular Trump tweet about the missing S. I use Rob’s twitter and tweet back to him sometimes. I let him know about the GoFundMe of We The People Will Fund The Wall, as a reply to one of his wall tweets not long after the campaign came online.

          I think the intent of the Fusca disguise is to look more like JFK.

          Interestingly the name ‘Vincent’ ‘Fusca’ ( an unusual name ) means ‘Conquering Darkness’ !!! One of ‘Q”s earlier posts actually stated ‘you will not believe who you are talking with’! An aerial shot of Kennedy Senior’s memorial gravesite is in the very obvious shape of a ‘Q’! Why did President Trump make the unsealing of JFK documents one of his first acts? This is all fact, found on any ‘name & meaning of’ or ‘origin of’ website. Quite the ‘coincidence’, eh? And some of Q’s drops says from Darkness to Light. I am definitely going to be getting some Q related tee shirts.

          Jailhouse scene (listen to the lyrics) and Yeah, I’m Back!…

          Other references mentioned:
          Hall of Records (Akashic)
          Wait till you see what happens next…


    • I thought the guy looked like JFK, not JR. I saw a stylistic letter “J” from the HUGE pencil, which also “crossed” over the letter “S” above to form a “dollar sign”. I wonder why the HUGE pencil would stab the HUGE paper.

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