Yeah, stuff can be done, but at a snail pace unfortunately.

If y’all will listen carefully how the words are phrased, it is NOT a “HUGE wall” but ALSO “border security”.

This is similar to how the words “global warming” has been knocked down to the words “climate change”.

Do y’all see how the theatrics are played at the higher levels? Interesting stuff as I’m NOT amused due to being underemployed for such a slong time!

I don’t care if the words have changed from “PROMISES MADE” to “PROMISES KEPT”.

If “they” can break their promises unto moi, y’all can break your promises unto “them”.

“Kek” to greenish frog is NOT pleased either as the Fiji bottled water seems a little tepid in temperature.

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  1. Donald J. Trump
    The Fake News Media keeps saying we haven’t built any NEW WALL. Below is a section just completed on the Border. Anti-climbing feature included. Very high, strong and beautiful! Also, many miles already renovated and in service!

    And there is a picture of it. So a little at a time and at a snail’s pace. That GoFundMe “We The People Will Build The Wall” is at $20,527,390 of $1.0B goal.


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