Fentanyl crossing the southern border.

Here are my delayed, nagging incoming thoughts below:

Many slong years ago, I viewed a series of YouTube videos in which a tall Mason talked about depopulation.

In these YouTube videos, which were shared via a bunch of sovereign citizens, the whitish guy shared an analogy of a fishbowl.

This fishbowl contained fish which would breed indiscriminately. Soon, the fishbowl could NOT contain the “overpopulation” of the fish.

With that said, humanz are at the point of dying through “suffocation” in a closed ecosystem, albeit the fishbowl, or my hellish planet as I call it.

No matter which “side of the aisle” y’all happen to “represent”, y’all know that this “depopulation agenda” holds true.

And, so that’s why y’all are holding out on your votes, passages, or simply NOT getting anything done – because that was YOUR plan all along.


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