The Fraternal Order of Hip-Hop, Rabbit Hole Productions, Published on Dec 9, 2018

Off-topic thoughts only:

Holy crap!

So that’s why y’all need to pay your dues (union), taxes (income), and other fees (bank) and charges (credit card)!

These are symbolic ‘exchanges’ that were designed keep to y’all in line! No one is allowed to go rogue or be independent in thinking either!

And by paying up, y’all can be afforded reasonably the ‘protection’ of your associations, groups, organizations, society!

There is NO way outta larger/global or smaller/local stuff! Once poor, always poor. Or else loose life, limbs, and souls!

I think that is what Jesus Christ in the Bible asked of certain humanz: Can y’all drink from my cup? And they blindly proclaimed: Heck, yeah!

Of course, in order to stave off the wrath of God as His cup runneth over from the cries of the poor, y’all gotta feed his people or Sons.

And I guess that’s a forever deal unto death. Amen.

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