THEY Will Never Tell You This.. Could It Be? (2019-2020), Anonymous Official, Published on Jan 18, 2019

All the Annunaki were reptilianz. These blue blood were copper dominant in and around the areas of France and Germany; while we humanz have iron dominant red-colored blood. I could see and hear the boys are Merovingians, by the way.

So the theory is that humanz were probably once of pure consciousness but we were devolved and probably created as slaves with a lifespan of 120 years, which is about correct.

“We can liberate ourselves from our restricted boundaries here on earth.”

But I think this is another New Aged crapload of distraction. A bloodline messenger mentioned in his blog that we are created perfect in the image of God and anything else is deception, including evolution and devolution.

‘They’ failed to mention that there are evil bloodlines and good bloodlines and that the spiritual war between evil and good is clear and present. And the real danger are more souls falling into Sheol.

I never did like that Linda Moulton Howe character. In one of her interviews of an abuctee victim on George Noory’s show, she sounded like she was feeding the victim words through her deliberate slow speech pattern and that he must say these words and stumbled over these words. Freaking New Aged crap.

So towards the end of this crappy New Aged YouTube video, these theorists are suggesting that we humanz are supposed to be unified. Bullcrap. Y’all must learn to behave on an individual basis. Until each soul behaves, then y’all can merge back into this alleged pure consciousness.

I made a choice, which is why I am able to feed y’all my crapload of rants from the Borgs. Brouhaha! But y’all ‘know’ what I mean. Sheesh.

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