51 Year Old, David Bell Knocks OUT 11 Year Old Girl, but Was He Wrong?, JB Gunner TV. Published on Jan 15, 2019

I’ll have to agree with the YouTube blogger, JB:

[“If anyone put your hands on me, y’all will get what you deserve. No one has a right to put your hands on anyone, period! But don’t put your hands on a woman.”]

That’s how y’all need to handle a gang of girls – teenagers or not! He mentioned something about stuff being put in the water.

Based on my personal observation, a crazed paternal auntie told me over the phone long ago that she doesn’t care if I’m young or old. This was after she talked back and nasty to my mommy, who wanted to let the bitch and that Cavite husband who had cancer, know that my daddy was gonna have a procedure of the heart.

As a result, my paternal auntie got a good karma. The daughter Cathy is bad and still doing drugs. See? The Lawd Gawd will NOT be irked.

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