Dear diary,

I am NOT understanding what is going on with the recent bombshell with the Mueller report and Cohen and the 2016 probe regarding Trump and Russia. I’m still trying to figure out what is the big deal with Trump Tower in Russia.

I researched quickly online about a tarot card called ‘The Tower’, which sports a golden Satanic lightning bolt striking “The Tower”. A golden crown comes out and two humanz come falling down. There are flames coming outta “The Tower”. There are grayish clouds against a blackened sky. The bottom portion of “The Tower” looks similar to the vertical columns of the “Devil’s Tower” in USA. The tarot card is Roman number XVI, or sixteen.

I’m wondering if building tall skyscrapers is similar to building the Tower of Babel. I wonder if Trump could have invested in deals that do NOT cater to entertainments, such as gambling casinos, golf courses, and transgenders, period.


Flynn B will view (or not) a YouTube video suggesting that most presidential wives are transgender. Yup.

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