My Covington Catholic High School Video Got Flagged Down for No Reason (How to Help), Styxhexenhammer666, Published on Jan 20, 2019

Wait! What? The former Satanist used to attend a Catholic school? I wasn’t listening if he stated that he used to be a Catholic. But the YouTube video was mainly about de-platforming anything deemed hate speech online.

I had to revert back away from Private mode to Hidden mode because whenever I’d like to view my published content – mostly for grammar and spelling errors, the stats would spike up by ONE VIEW!

I complained to Matt Meister and his Happiness Engineers about my findings but I guess the algorithms don’t care if I’m viewing my own website in Private mode.

AI can never been smart enough to know the difference. That’s why I would advocate that all deplatformed stuff be resumed (I forgot the legal word – dumb), except dark web contents, which are scary and EVIL.

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