My incoming thought received the following word: Zombies. This is in regards to completely eliminating drugs and alcohol, and all forms of addictions.

Long ago, I recall former POTUS BHO speech about the possibility of the internet not working or something to that effect.

Then I ranted on my weblog about irate humanz turning into zombies, who can’t feed their addictions.

And I made a point that humanz will actually meet and talk to strangers and friends in person instead of online!

So is this why y’all refuse to stop the suppliers of drug and alcohol, and the traffickers of humanz and animalz?

It’s because y’all know that humanz are crazy and stupid! And they cannot be programmed to behave because they can be corrupted!

And now y’all wanna extend DACA and delay further improvements and constructions of physical barriers against criminals crossing illegally to MAGA?

***Off topic:

For example, Das Squirrel confessed unto moi via a text message that he stole two Filet Mignon meat because no one was home.

He also disclosed that his temp work reported items were missing! He suspected that his Visayan coworker might have had something to do with these “three raised hands in the air”.

Das Squirrel discovered through his angered coworkers that the Visayan guy – NY (probably a fake name borrowed from a Canadian singer-songwriter) was lying and making gradious stories about everything.

Das Squirrel and his Twit Wifey reported unto moi that a Vietnamese woman ALWAYS accompanied the guy. I said that she might be a supervisor from the county or military for crazy people, such as Respondent.

Twit Wifey said that one time the Visayan guy rummaged through her belongings at her home and Das Squirrel did NOT do anything to stop him!

During the funeral mass back in August, I’ve observed that the Visayan’s eyeballs were popping out and wild. During the funeral reception, I’ve observed that he was sweating heavily, and that he would only talk about himself.

***End rant.

How can y’all MAGA if y’all can’t stop the likes of evil and its addiction to sin upon this hellish planet? How can y’all censor, de-platform, and completely eliminate the websites operating in the Dark Web for starters?

Huh? Well? I expect y’all to speak on your upcoming SOTU address and state that y’all will lay-off those federal workers and admit y’all can’t afford to keep them on the payroll for slacking off on the jobs! You’re fired! And no more Andrenochrome for y’all, baby!

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