Dear diary,

I’m on Private mode again because I plan on including my OLD blogs. But I messed up and I have to fix it. But at least one invited guest should be able to view my rants.

I’ve taken to bed, but angrily so as I’ve been viewing and Liking YouTube videos exposing the transgender agenda, which according to my OLD nagging thoughts, is really a depopulation agenda!

Y’all should know my YouTube channel because I’ve subscribed to your YouTube channel and my Settings for the Likes and Subscriptions are NOT selected:

  • Keep all my Liked Videos private
  • Keep all my Saved Playlists private
  • Keep all my subscriptions private

That means y’all should be able to see videos liked and the channels subscribed.

I’m at peace knowing the world is messed up with transgender who are generational, meaning the families allow their children to take HRT hormone replacement therapy.

For example, the political arena include trannies such as Nan whose son is also transgender, Alex whose crazy eyes are demonic, Michael with broad shoulders and muscular arms, and Mel with man hands and HUGE feet (per the modeling agency who said women her height had much SMALLER feet and didn’t have a difficult time finding shoes!)

I’m so disgusted that I’m still debating if the Lawd Gawd can have mercy on these transgender because the 1/3 of the ALL male angels probably got tired of their sterilized forms, enough so that their jealousy of the beautiful humanized femalez turned into hatred-by the killing her children!

And so the recent de-platforming of all speech will become more apparent as theses Truths start coming out. The censorship of these human deaths is one example of controlling the narrative on depopulating her children.


Flynn B mad as heck. This is one energy signature that I’m feeling strongly without hesitation.

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  1. My youtube is all messed up, as I can no longer upload any videos to it, plus they added this gamer thing to all youtube channels and I’m getting bot subscribers.

    I left all my liked and saved playlists public, simply because I’d like to have real NON-gamer/NON-bot subscribers. They slowed down a little, but I put a snippet on my channel info that says that I’m not a gamer, so hopefully that will stop the ridiculous flux of fakers, errr… I mean gamers.

    Rob is blocked from Twatter now, but on another browser, the account and posts are still there, but is blocked from posting anymore. I’m so sick of the world anymore. The tribulation is probably about to start anyway.


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