Dear diary,

Tonight, I was early to my gig and helped the elderly folks set up the chairs. The sectionals will be divided here at the parish hall, the library, the sanctuary, and another choir room upstairs.

This non-profit gig is the oldest in the Bay Area. And with my gray hairs and nice humanz, I hope to fit in well, though I still rant about my lack of faith.

So the weather is colder and the rain stopped today, except last night. The weather permitted for the elderly humanz and me to attend the gig.

But because it’s a federal holiday there might not be a lot in attendance.

Das Squirrel and his daddy are watching the rental for Pacquiao versus Broner boxing match. My daddy and I have eaten dinner and we’re almost done when the guy showed up.

So yeah, that’s it. I’m still trying to review my old weblog pages and /or posts and then revert from Private to Public mode.


Flynn B has hearing aides and the loud conversations of these old farts echoing in this chamber is overwhelming.

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