Once again, fake news can be created and this garnered the current POTUS to post a twit. I can see the teenager has red cheeks, which is peculiar to a certain ‘species’. I can hear the elder singing VERY well. I am pleased that y’all are more behaved than other staged events in the past. But I was NOT fully “grok” in your humanized affairs. Now I should know better NOT to take your teachings too harshly. Eh.

But whatever y’all are doing, I’ve reverted back to Public mode from Private mode. So if y’all wanna see my recent posts, y’all are gonna have to subscribe. Please don’t ask me how or where. If y’all really, really, really wanna see my crap, y’all are gonna have to dig around and find it. (The imagery is NOT intended as a pun, which is a word that I do NOT fully understand. But y’all should get the toilet humor. Eww! Gross!)

So I’m gonna try to keep up to date and whatever the incoming thoughts indicate, I will share. And then it’s up to y’all to created your narratives. I wish y’all the best of luck. And OMG! I can see most of y’all are transgender! That is one area that I draw my red bloody line. Eh.

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