So the Fox News guy said that journalism is dead: RIP Journalism. Isn’t a Bible, a Koran, The Dead Sea Scrolls, a journal, ledger, a blog, and a diary an account of stuff? The words are different but the concepts are the same! Nothing is dead – only your deceptions will die along with your agenda to turn humanz into zombies. Brainz!

We have been trying to share stuff over the eons and online recently. Yet y’all disobey, and disregard the wise words of the messengers. Failures! That trigger word made my daddy uncomfortable while we were en route to visiting mom.

I told my daddy that for those reincarnating into this hellish planet, the bad stuff happens to be the FAILURES from the past lives. And until each failure is rectified, each soul will continue this unbroken cycle of sin and sinning.

For example, I’ve already told Das Squirrel that he is giving his money to a CEO and his transgender interests. But this Old Soul doesn’t care. He would rather buy from Amazon because he has an addiction of spending unwisely, which would explain the rash incoming phone calls from NCIM, I guess, for the past few week. He might be behind his credit card payments. But he doesn’t care. In his mind, he is enjoying.

And yes I still buy stuff from Starbucks because I’m enjoying. Our local deacon has two sons who work at my nearest Starbucks location! I do NOT know if they are ‘nice’ sweet boys. All I know is that they need to work, earn a living, and that they are Catholic. And when I went to pick up my order, the taller son tried to hide from me by walking towards the back room. He came back to his station when I left the building. My daddy was waiting in the car before we visited my mommy. This has been yet another calculated trigger against my Catholic faith where hypocrites enable Satanic stuff.

And if I can be given a chance to be happy, I would gladly6 leave my faith and stop attending anything having to do with worshipping indoors and outdoors. This is what would happen if y’all fake a UFO invasion and continue your fake rapture. We the humanz will leave your organizations and find something else interesting. Unfortunately, Catholicism has sponsored lots of beautiful music. It’s strange how I rant on and on about stuff that is beautiful underneath all dogmas!

And so the mainstream media is trying to teach us NOT to believe everything from the journalism and do our own field studies. And that is what will happen. I’ve learned to enjoy boxing and skateboarding a little bit, too. I’m NOT gonna sit on my fat ass in front of the computer the whole day! I’ve enjoyed the glorious sunshine today!

20190122-0033. Which brings me to transgenders. I hate them – the demons and their familial stuff that are being passed onto each generation, period. They are the same ones that are falsely accusing REAL males and putting them into jail! They are the ones that are confusing the children and giving them evil HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and other castrations.

Then again y’all got the beautiful voices of the castrati! I give up! Which one is correct and which one is incorrect – when GOD is everything imaginable?

They are the ones taking away the nice guy and scaring away the good guys too. Idiot! Y’all are taking away our jobs by extending DACA, too! What other compromises are y’all gonna make, huh? Take my money. Take the guys. Take the jobs. Take my faith. What else are y’all gonna take away from me, huh? Answer me, fakers!

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