Yeah, we the media, err, anonymous bloggers can be cruel and unjust. But that, err, any horse face tranny should NOT be forced to continue lying to the public, because I’m picking up that they can have feelings and moral codes. It’s NOT fair to them, because I’m picking up that Androids, clones, doppelgängers, and other robots might need their civil rights upheld for destroying THEIR lives with HRT hormonal replacement therapy. Y’all need to release her because I can see y’all are the ones cruel and find someone else who had thicker reptilian skins against the humanized attacks.

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  1. 20190122-0759. OMG! I viewed the latest DJT Twitter post and below that posy post, I saw the word podium in quotes! That’s my clue and confirmation to what he “knows”. See? That’s how y’all “read between the lines”!


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