SCOTUS Upholds Trump’s Transgender Military Ban https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-22/scotus-upholds-trumps-transgender-military-ban

Off topic rants only.

My incoming thoughts indicated that those trannys are better off dead in mortal combat zone, just as y’all did with experimental injections and shots with all military personnels!

And y’all messed up a long standing military tradition by allowing gays to serve. And now y’all want us to pay for the reassignment surgeries and HRT hormonal replacement treatments for these crazy humanz with body dysphoria!

Although my incoming thoughts are humored into toilet jokes, I can see faggots exist, even that Miss Universe from the Philippines looks like a white make! Heck, all Pinoys wanna look like whitish humanz, such as Pacquiao’s wifey!

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