Alexandria Ocasio Cortez gives 12 year DOOMSDAY clock, The Amazing Lucas, Published on Jan 22, 2019

Per Wikipedia.org, AOC is a cum laude, meaning she is VERY smart and as an intelligent transgender OPERATIVE!

  • AOC has a HUGE mouth like males, including HRC.
  • AOC has fangs like a snake viper.
  • AOC gives zero fuck in public. (The usage of foul and offensive language is probably typical of reptilian culture.)
  • AOC uses a fake “Rapture”, which is an outmoded New Aged ploy like the Biblical Revelation.
  • AOC plays the minority card and believes Gen Z, millenniums, and other trolls are entitled.
  • AOC plays the poor card and believes everyone should be billionaires.

Towards the end of his YouTube video, The Amazing Lucas said: “That is frightening!”

I agree.

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