Difference Between Angels & Demons, Bible Xplained, Published on Sep 5, 2016
In summary:

“You send yourself to hell out of disobedience to God.”


Biblical Explanation of HELL, Bible Xplained, Published on Jan 3, 2016

We are created in God’s image:

  • soul allows for existence of the flesh;
  • mind makes decision of the flesh; and
  • flesh allows for interaction with the planet.

God allows for Spiritist to do their jobs.

We are allowed to choose which side to represent.

Be sober and vigilant.

Adam is supposed to take care of this earth, but he disobeyed. So we have to obey God and avoid sending ourselves to hell. Hmm.

Oh, I see. All curse of sin died with Jesus Christ, though sin continues in our imperfect state today!

So avoid the works of the flesh, especially transgender. For some reason, the gay stuff still isn’t feeling as strong as transgender. But when I viewed YouTube videos on transgenders, I felt strongly against this stuff.

So have self-control, period.

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