Dear diary,

My tummy hurt after awakening from my late-afternoon power nap. I drank hot water and went poop. And now I feel better. But I really should pray and fast as God’s work can be fulfilled better.

With regards to view YouTube videos about God and His plans with us, everything is possible if we obey. And in doing so, we can avoid sending ourselves to hell.

When I rant, I am hoping these incoming thoughts are allowed by God. So please pray over my words and your interpretations of what messages are shared by others and moi over the air, which is ruled by Lucy and/or Stan, of course.

And so the other day, I was talking aloud to my daddy en route to visiting my mommy. I was telling my daddy who, what, how, and why the clouds are created, the air, the water, and everything imaginable. And I told my daddy, that humanz seem to have control over what they eat and when to poop.

Aren’t my incoming thoughts profound? Yes! And so we should humble ourselves because the living God knew stuff – the foundation and cornerstone of everything imaginable – prior to our creation. Of course, the angels saw everything, too.

So I’m still praying that bad stuff can remember their original state and estate before falling from heaven. I’m also praying those who can join God’s kingdom fear not in repentance. I’m NOT into final judgements as God created everything.

We are at His mercy and pleasure.


Flynn B wondering if my prayers NOT to work were answered. I guess God the Father knows best. I shouldn’t complain, whine, bitch or moan and be grateful and thankful for stuff.

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