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It was 21:00 hours and I went to the Camp’s chapel to do some relaxation meditation and vibrational state exercises. When I got to the back room and locked the door I started out with installing the vibrational state. For some reason it was hard to move energies inside the chapel’s meditation room. I’m not […]

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20190122-0900-off topic rants only.

That entity probably might be a demon with no care for you or your well being. So whatever you have been doing for a while probably isn’t good because you’ve been encountering extra physical entities that do NOT seem to care for you or your well being. If “they” did they failed to try and communicate at your level of understanding. Yup.

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  1. A lot to ponder about this one; but entities tend to lie or exaggerate it is well known by extra physical beings even extraterrestrials that human beings are predisposed in believing in higher powers, heaven & hell; so many will make contact under that guise and say they are angels, gods, devils etc. But I’m not falling for those lies or tricky..demons, on the other hand, has a goal to possession your mind and body, but before that happens they have to get the legal rights to do it. You are the one to grant it to them and they will get your permission it through tricks and lies….


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