GUILTY: Being White & Wearing a MAGA Hat in Public, Jon Miller, Published on Jan 21, 2019

I forgot to mention my nagging thoughts – the teenager was NOT only wearing a red-colored MAGA hat, but he was wearing a smirk! When I saw the smirk on his face, I was thinking that this was yet another STAGED event to garner sympathy for either side – whitish humanz or brownish humanz!

I almost thought that maybe the teenager was having fun, because I also see young kids dancing, clapping, and smiling along to the drum beater. I’m thinking there might have been prayers sung, too.

An aggressor would have that energy of anger and hatred etched all over the face. I didn’t see any aggressor during this event. I saw both sides stood their grounds.

So I cannot guess what is going through the minds of these PARTICIPANTS. I cannot judge who is correct and who is incorrect. I did NOT see any physical contact or any words exchanged.

And why are old Israelite guys screaming bad stuff at young children? I didn’t know about these old guys. I didn’t like the lying drum beater, who is a radical victim activist.

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