The Left Sees Racism EVERYWHERE: Cotton Fields, Monkeys, and McDonald’s, Jon Miller, Published on Jan 22, 2019

Y’all gotta watch out for these insensitive fools as they try to bring down your souls with false words. If y’all read the Bible, y’all are created in the image of God. This would mean there might be falsehood in humanz evolving from monkeys, though animalz have souls!

Anyway, this stuff has to be a spiritual battle between 1/3 devils and 2/3 angels. I believe the southpaws, err, the left hands, err, the left represents the adversary and accuser of humanz; while the northpaws, err, the right hands, err, the right represents Superman, Batman and Wonder transgendered Woman.

Once again, y’all cannot judge the skin by its colors. Long ago our boss said that he has North American Indian ancestry, but he looks like a tall whitish guy! One of my recruiter looks Asian, but he has a Mexican mother! I look Asian but my maternal side might have Vietnamese and Guam ancestry and my paternal side might have South Asian Indian and Papua New Guinea ancestries.

As for toxic masculinity, my incoming thoughts indicated that the males were supposed to protect the women and children.

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