Trump: Pelosi is afraid of the truth, Fox News, Premiered 41 minutes ago

To our Mister POTUS DJT and pals,

I would NOT give Honduras or any country that treats USA with ill-will. I know you would give less but I would go for nothing at all. This has to do with my personal field observations with regards to Respondent, who married a Honduran for money, which she drained by traveling and dining constantly. But the guy filed a Domestic Violence Restraining Order successfully and tried to get a ‘green card’ unsuccessfully per his lawyer.

Speaking of ‘green card’, I believe Respondent and other Filipinos are networking to find neighbors who are willing to feed, cloth, house, and hide these illegal immigrants for CASH only! I know this is true, because two of our local parishioners are into this stuff. One is a choir member – the fat one named Zen M.

The other parishioner is named Gloria Z, who lives down the street from Zen M. in the hills near our local church. I got pissed off when Gloria Z. mentioned to my daddy that there were others who needed homes. I tried to hold my emotions in but my facial expression probably showed anger.

In another example, long ago, we received a phone call from a stranger, who had a connection with a parishioner, who asked my mommy for our phone number, which my mommy gave. We didn’t understand what was going on, and the old lady called us to inquire if we are able to ‘house’ her, and my mommy was shocked but had to decline.

So your damn wall and border security will NEVER work, because local residences throughout the United States are networking to help each other via the religious, non-profit sectors! Do NOT doubt unto moi, fakers! I swear to God, y’all knew this has been happening. I don’t know what y’all can do to STOP these illegal pay-offs!

In another example, a neighbor adjacent to a neighbor (whose house is located behind our backyard) was into this stuff. He and his brother would charge ten dollars per night to house illegal Chinese immigrants. This guy now works for Homeland Security or something related to govern-mental agencies. His house is located behind the backyard of Respondent, by the way.

And so my family and I are surrounded by all these Christian traitors! What can y’all do to stop these Asians from turning your US Constitution into a massive Chinese-controlled State? And speaking of SOTU or State of the Union, Mancy is correct to stop y’all from speaking in the house, because there is nothing new under the sun.

With the government shut-down, y’all probably cannot afford to gather together to hear a damm speech for the first. Furthermore, I believe the US Constitution has already been dead and some sort of oligarchy has already been depopulating the humanz with your LGBTQAEIOU agenda!


Flynn B will share more truth as my lazy memories will be triggered – one by one. You and your man-hands have better sign something to the effect of stopping any and all incentives that allow Christians and pals to hide these illegal ALIENZ.

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