To the homelessness land of the secured and pals,

Why did y’all stop my internet connection? Are y’all afraid of a Truth from an under and unemployed homeless loser? Is that why y’all are afraid to fix your own globalist mess, because humanz will do whatever it takes to live according their own ideas of living?

As y’all can see, I’ve received error messages. And so I had to reboot my Wi-Fi to fix your mess. Soon y’all will stop everyone’s internet and we will soon enter the Dark Web Ages where no one is allowed to express themselves in private or in public, as anonymous or as a sovereign citizen, which is another fakery to make certain groups believe they have control of everything.


Flynn B you associated blogger in kind. (P.S. I came outta the toilet full of smelly crap and I found that my Wi-Fi wasn’t working. That’s all.)

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