Trump, Pelosi feud escalates over State of the Union drama, Fox News, Published on Jan 23, 2019

That Greg Gutfield is a hilarious liberal! He’s from the Bay Area, by the way. He said that maybe Trump could skywrite his SOTU speech or list his speech on Twitter. It is true that the SOTU does NOT need a ‘pomp and circumstances’.

Trump: There will be an alternative to the SOTU. If y’all are business-minded folks, how would y’all disclose data to your investors/shareholders? So in effect, y’all can speech such data to our Americanized Corporation, say, on a weekly basis or monthly. I forgot how many ‘company meetings’ we had in the past or the frequency therein.

How do you believe in pro-refugee? Is it because they are more grateful?

As for the MS13 gangster, I find that the guys are have more REAL male toxicity with their NATURAL testosterone, and NOT like those freaky transgenders, who inject themselves with HRT or hormonal replacement therapy and undergo Brazilian surgeries for contouring the humanized form into the opposite sex!

So we are NOT afraid if the REAL men show up at the borders. At least they didn’t receive vaccinations to ruin their DNA.

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  1. 20190123-2035. Okay but that’s NOT what the Fox New YouTube video said so I “quoted” it. I do NOT make things up as I parrot stuff from y’all. Duh! Take a hint! Geez! I’m NOT one of y’all! The only strange and weird stuff are my personal experiences, which are REAL.


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