Dear diary,

During the sermon by a Hispanic priest with slow broken English, I had an old thought about the Middle East. I was either reading an article or viewing a video online about tall ALIENZ coming out at night and taking dead bodies strewn all over the war zone place. The local humanz knew about their activities. And yet MAGA and pals fail to disclose this in the mainstream media.

So I’m thinking these FAKE wars were created for a dual purpose: 1. to reduce the population of humanz, and 2. to feed these hungry illegal ALIENZ.

And so during today’s mass, I felt calm and relaxed because of my shower earlier. But I had to remain still because the condensation from my nasal passages might turn into post nasal drip. I had already sneezed during a song because that is what happens between a hot shower indoors and a cold temperature outdoors.

And I couldn’t sing LOUDLY because my singing voice was probably already partially paralyzed from taking allergy medication last night. I had to take one Benadryl capsule, because I was gonna and did react to a dark chocolate, gluten free, organic snack of crunchy seeds. And a result, I awoke LATE and took a shower one hour before leaving the house today.

Throughout the mass, I started boosting the damn place. I saw several fake humanz squirming in their pews. Their heads would move uneasily. One Asian guy got up and left. A few others sneezed, coughed several times, rubbed their faces, and cleared their throats. I was having a field day.

I was sending them my messages – why are y’all here? Can y’all take the fire of God? I was sending them my concern about the ALIENZ cleaning up the war zone and taking for food – the dead bodies of humanz at night.

I also further picked up a thought that the activities in the southern borders are like a war zone in the Middle East, where the dead bodies of humanz are collected in the dead of night by hungry ALIENZ.

I guess our POTUS can announce a WIN-WIN situation during his SOTU Address at a later date that the depopulation of humanz is in fact feeding these illegal ALIENZ! If I’m wrong, then my incoming thoughts are creative. Yup.


Flynn B praying y’all will fully disclose what is really going on with this world, and if the Vatican knows anything about illegal ALIENZ collecting dead bodies of humanz for foodstuff – which appears to be environmentally sound as far as disease control.

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