To Matt Meister and his Happiness Engineering pals,

I have been forced to blog using my Safari browser and deleted the WordPress app for macOS due to the false stats of views by twice or thrice for each published posts! I am VERY disappointed.

But now I’m learning to enjoy using the Block feature. I’ve tested two reblogged posts, which won’t work via the “Share On” icon. I could only copy and paste the link to each reblogged posts.

So this weblog post would be the third test. I’ve been checking my stats and have discovered that the views are now stabilized! There are no double or triple views hitting different countries.

Wait! What? Dammit! I can see that using the Safari browser does NOT prevent the false stats of double or triple view for one published weblog post.

I do NOT understand as I’ve placed my weblog into Hidden mode, which is between Public mode and Private mode. I’m assuming the intel trolls are actually reading my crap. That’s truly sad.


Flynn B wondering if going dark is the next best option. Before upgrading my weblog, there were no real views outside the USA. After the upgrade, the trolls have come out from outside the USA. Hmm. Those could be fake IP Addresses.

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