New poll: Most voters say President Trump is responsible for the partial government shutdown, Fox News, Published on Jan 23, 2019

OMG! This is hilarious! I was trying to embed a YouTube video and I still had problems trying to “Write a Caption”. So I had to open a notes app to copy and paste the YouTube video title into the notes apps and then copy and paste the text into the “Write a Caption” field below the embedded YouTube video. I liked the Caption and embedded YouTube video in one Block. But I do NOT understand why I had to click into the caption field with a fake text to “open” up the field for copy and pasting text, which I’m too lazy to type out myself. I also had to toggle or switch between the Visual Editor mode and the Code Editor mode to ensure that there are NO extra Block paragraphs.

Now as for the YouTube video, though most voters believe that Trump has something to do with the partial government shutdown, I’m assuming that the government can afford anything by moving the decimal points as needed. And that decision is a necessary evil to drain the swamp as per my OLD blog rant about lazy and underperforming federal workers. Seriously, y’all cannot create a contract that keeps deadbeats afloat. That’s crazy.

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