Dear diary,

I noticed that after I mentioned how it is sad for the the intel trolls from outside the USA to view my crap, the false stats of double and triple views have almost stopped! Hah! I knew that all along, because as I mentioned, no one cared about my blog before the upgrade, and surprisingly the uptick in views happened AFTER the upgrade.

So now I’ve noticed a feature “Download data as CSV”. This appeared within my stats. I never noticed this feature before. This feature might be useless because Matt Meister and his Happiness Engineering pals refused to reveal the IP addresses of these trolls, err, viewers. And with the false stats of views doubling and tripling, I am NOT assured the reliability of stats anymore.

With that said, I’ve wasted my money on ‘window dressing’ – unlimited storage space, removal of footer credit, and other services that I do NOT feel is necessary for my rants. My weblog is NOT a business and I do NOT profit from my rants. So yeah, I wanted to test how a loser, err, user like me can benefit from upgrading to Business class.


Flynn B munching on sour cream and onion rice chips. Tomorrow I plan on cooking onion soup. God forbids if I mess up that recipe. My daddy and I noticed that after cooking the chicken adobo and allowing the cooked food to stay in the refrigerator for one or two more days, the dish tastes better.

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